Our vision is that our students graduate on a path to success; that’s why we prepare our students for life, not just life after high school.

We provide a safe, stable environment, where students feel confident sharing ideas, asking questions, collaborating and being themselves. From rigorous curriculum to small group learning; from internships to earning college credit in high school; from the first day of school to the last, we provide a pathway for your student’s unique future.




Have questions? We have answers.

Below are some common questions about Carpe Diem, our education process and what sets us apart.

What is Carpe Diem Preparatory Academy?

Carpe Diem is a free public charter school in Cincinnati. We use a combination of digital and classroom curriculum plus Capstone experiences to prepare our students for life, so that no matter what their future goals are, they have a path for success.

What sets Carpe Diem Preparatory Academy apart from other educational options?

- Relationship-driven atmosphere allowing students to receive the support needed to succeed;
- Small, safe campus;
- Accelerated pace of study that allows students to move past their grade level when they are ready;
- Opportunity to earn college credits while still completing high school;
- Participation in Capstones to gain real world experience.

What does it mean to prepare students for life?

Preparing students for life means that every student receives a well-rounded, holistic educational experience, so they are prepared for the emotional, physical or financial obstacles life challenges them with. At Carpe Diem Preparatory Academy, we believe every student can succeed in life.

What type of students are a good fit for Carpe Diem Preparatory Academy?

Carpe Diem Preparatory Academy is a good fit for students who:
- Are motivated and want to work at an accelerated pace to stay challenged;
- Thrive in a relationship-driven and personalized environment;
- Desire to take college courses and earn college credit while in high school;
- Prefer the benefits of a small school;
- Enjoy creative and personalized class schedules.

How are individual learning levels addressed?

At Carpe Diem, students are rewarded by being able to accelerate their learning schedule to meet career and educational goals. Our curriculum is tailored to each student’s instructional level to build competency and confidence through hard work and encouragement. Our system doesn’t use pacing guides that force more advanced students to wait for their peers; instead, each student advances by demonstrating mastery of core competencies, at which point they are moved to the next level. each student advances by demonstrating mastery of core competencies, at which point they are moved to the next level. Each student advances by demonstrating mastery of core competencies, at which point they are moved to the next level. Most students advance 1.5 grade levels in an academic year.

Besides curriculum, what other programs does Carpe Diem Cincinnati offer to prepare students for their future?

Carpe Diem offers a wide range of extracurricular activities that can help students get involved, create relationships and build their résumé. (Click here to check out our list of clubs and extracurricular activities.) We also offer dual enrollment at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College and Capstone experiences, where our students can earn college credit and real-world experiences while still in high school.

Who can attend Carpe Diem Preparatory Academy?

Carpe Diem Preparatory Academy is open to all students in grades 7 – 12 living in the Cincinnati Public School district.

Who authorizes Carpe Diem Preparatory Academy?

Cincinnati Public Schools authorizes Carpe Diem.

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Safety and Security

Safety and Security

We take pride in our safe, stable school environment. Our students enjoy our small class sizes because they can feel comfortable being themselves and collaborating with students and teachers. We hope our school is a safe-haven for your student to feel comfortable to learn and share ideas.   

Our building is always locked and secured with school personnel available during school hours in our main office. Without exception, we require guests to sign in and out of the building and be accompanied by a staff member. Student safety is our top priority.